What is Nuga Best?

A Philosophy for Healing

Nuga Best is a provider of Nuga Medical products and services. Nuga Medical is a South Korean company founded in 2002 with aspirations to change the world and improve its health with leading advanced medical therapies developed from unique patented technologies.

Putting People First

Nuga Medical’s corporate motto is “Health, Love, and Service.” Nuga Medical and Nuga Best are dedicated to doing their best for the health and prosperity of people all around the world.

Our Unyielding Vision

Dedicated to customer satisfaction and ceaseless research and development in the area of providing advanced, non-invasive medical therapies where traditional medicine and medical care falls short. Nuga Medical and Nuga Best strive toward promoting the health of all people of the world.

What is Tourmanium?


Tourmanium is Nuga Medical’s breakthrough patented technology. It is a composite of a semi-precious stone called tourmaline, ceramic, volcanic rock, germanium, and elvan stone, when baked into a solid, conducts energy as far-infrared radiation in a wavelength that is most beneficial for our bodies. It also emits negative ions (anions), creating a low-frequency magnetic field. The energy transmission from Tourmanium results in a significant stimulation of blood flow, increased regeneration of cells in organ and tissue, improved metabolism, and relief of muscular and nervous pains.

Nano-Diamond Tourmanium (NDT)

Nuga products feature a Nano-diamond Tourmanium (NDT) which is an enhanced version of the original Tourmanium developed by Nuga Medical. NDT has been developed by Nuga Medical in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany, a world-leading research institute for high-tech ceramics. NDT and Tourmanium ceramics are the core element of all Nuga products.

The Nuga Best Brand

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