N5 Massage Bed


Combination Heating massage bed

Advanced far-infrared heating, negative ions, low-frequency TENS, spinal decompression

– Three Tourmanium rollers (neck, thoracic, lumbar vertebrae) for spinal decompression and muscle relaxation

– Additional Tourmanium pads for your arms and hamstrings

– Comfortable, ergonomic design, including ankle and head rests

– Remote controlled preferences and settings

– Accessories: TENS abdominal pad, 5-ball projector

– Specifications:

– Size (unfolded):

192.5 cm x 51.6 cm x 58 cm

– Size (folded):

113 cm x 21.6 cm x 58 cm

– Net weight: 48kg

– Electricity: 370W

N5 Massage Bed
Heating action
Neck roller
Neck roller motion
Thoracic roller
Thoracic roller motion
Lumbar roller
Lumbar roller motion
5-ball projector
Easy to store
Easy to setup